Hi there, my name is Koen!

I am a music composer, producer, songwriter and performer based in my own recording studio in Vriezenveen, The Netherlands. After working on productions for various content creators I decided to make music my job by becoming a freelance composer/arranger. I work with game studios, music groups, streamers and other content creators and I have created original musical compositions for brands including Whatsapp, Crocs and Just Eat. In addition to music production and composing I am also a performer. My main instruments are guitar, bass and vocals. I have over 350 gigs under my belt, playing in a wide range of different musical scenarios.

From retro 8-bit loops to melodic orchestral music
and everything in between, the possibilities are literally endless.
Catchy indie-pop or shredding guitars? Sure, why not!
Whatever suits your project.


Born and raised in a small city called Zevenaar, somewhere in The Netherlands. I’ve been fascinated by musical compositions for as long as I can remember. When I was young I enjoyed listening to music and defining how separate instruments contribute to a complete composition. When I was about 15 years old, I became a self-proclaimed ‘skaterboy/metalhead’. I wanted to create music myself. Eventually my father and I went to the music store to buy me my very first electric guitar, which resulted in me joining my first band as a vocalist and guitar player.

I started to write and record riffs and song through GarageBand using my old MacBook’s internal microphone. I later used software instruments such as bass and drums to add more layers to the songs, and to give the rest of the band an idea of what I had in mind. Later I experimented with other instruments like synths and strings, which opened a new dimension of possibilities. A few years later I started to create custom layouts, sounds and jingles for streamers on Twitch. Short original songs slowly became catchy soundtracks and I started to enjoy exploring the edges of my musical creativity.

In the years that follow I started to write more styles of music and shared some of my creations through SoundCloud. This would eventually lead to my first production: a soundtrack for a videogame. In February of 2023 I founded Koen Vroom Music Productions. You could say I’m turning my biggest passion into my job and I feel like this is only the beginning.